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We bring specialists together to assist our clients in realising the potential savings in optimising their buildings performance.


We can provide refurbishment and upgrade of your current installed systems which will improve your energy savings.


We are passionate about maintenance because we are passionate about energy saving.


Smart Controls Group deliver choice to our clients on the control systems they install within their buildings. We always advise our customers to adopt an open protocol platform that enables multi-vendor systems to work together and provides our customers with the tools to turn their buildings into Smart Buildings.

Energy Solutions


The output of most surveys or maintenance visits usually identifies potential to improve plant operation or introduce energy saving...

A customer portal to their energy data will be introduced in the near future, providing access to consumption and energy spend data.

Smart Controls Group can provide the supply, installation and commissioning of metering technology to enable the understanding the breakdown of a buildings energy consumption.


Building Energy Management System and Lighting controls should always be interoperable and work together, by integrating the solution at the design stage the customer will benefit in many ways.



consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy.




emissions could be cut by 2050



solutions can transform into energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.


Smart Controls Group deliver smart optimised building solutions for our clients from initial design, through to the installation and commissioning of Building Energy Management System projects and solutions that deliver the best in environmental control standards.

Service & Maintenance

We are passionate about maintenance because we are passionate about energy saving. We know the importance of keeping HVAC plant regularly maintained and working at the optimum performance level.

Energy Solutions

Our partnership approach with our customers puts Energy Solutions at the core of the services we provide, whether it is during the delivery of a project, the maintenance of a site or an upgrade of an existing system.

IOT Solutions

For the last 20 years we’ve been working with clients to make sense of their energy data, using cutting edge technology in the world of IOT so we can not only help our clients better manage their energy but also their buildings in so many different ways.

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