Energy Solutions

Our partnership approach with our customers puts Energy Solutions at the core of the services we provide, whether it is during the delivery of a project, the maintenance of a site or an upgrade of an existing system.

Our diverse range of capabilities and expertise include:

  • Remote support for energy and operations
  • Service and maintenance support including small works
  • Consultancy on energy strategy
  • Energy data platform and Analytical support
  • Deployment of Energy efficiency technologies
  • Energy, ESOS Audits
  • RHI claim processing
  • Meter Billing Services

Our approach:

By working in partnership with specialists in solutions to your energy needs we deliver reduced energy consumption by understanding your energy use, identify areas where energy efficiency technologies can be applied and meter the savings to demonstrate the results. We can also offer many other services through our partner channels.


    Smart Controls Group will review your buildings’ energy use, assets and fabric and we will provide you with a recommendation report which will give you an idea of where the potential opportunities are to reduce energy consumption on your site. We will then work in partnership with your business to create a tailored solution and where necessary provide you costs to implement energy saving product or alter current control strategies to demand based to improve your buildings efficiency.