The Internet of Things – Technology of the future is here.

For the last 20 years we’ve been working with clients to make sense of their energy data, using cutting edge technology in the world of IOT so we can not only help our clients better manage their energy but also their buildings in so many different ways.

Better energy management should be at the forefront of any Controls Specialist’s mind. In order to achieve the end goal of honing your buildings energy controls to meet your environmental needs, a Building Management system is ideal however, further enhancing that system and connecting the devices to an Internet of Things network will catapult the building into the future allowing the site to run as a Smart function; therefore a much more eco-friendly and economical structure to run.

Talking ‘Smart Buildings’ using real world IoT, by taking connected devices and synchronising these with the Building Management System the customer can control their building services, see where their energy is best spent and read live data through a user-friendly interface. By gaining the ability to see how your building is being used and where the hotspots for usage are, you can better manage user experience, comfort, site abnormalities and different types of efficiencies allowing you to provide an optimum service and future proofing your site.