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Smart Buildings

Our Energy Reduction ethos and the environmental wellbeing of all is encouraging us to achieve better building energy management, monitor internal and outside air quality to identify pollution hotspots and help alleviate this using targeted solutions. We connect important, high use energy equipment with end users to enable waste visibility to all stakeholders; in doing this, change is driven by that end user (building owner, engineers, occupants). We implement functional systems which are connected seamlessly and provide live, tangible data that allows those end users to identify any abnormal situations, through these connected devices.

Smart Facilities Management

  • Working with our customers we are providing them with information to enhance the facilities management process in areas such as building compliance, work space optimisation and cleaning.
  • We are providing better visibility to all stakeholders to allow for easier regulation compliance, this could be automated energy billing and metering services or temperature monitoring of water; therefore, costly treatment and regs can be targeted and the data automatically stored for all temperatures to assist in the identification and mitigation of problematic plant. The information is securely stored and available on demand via IoT.
  • We help develop office occupancy platforms by providing real world information seamlessly into a single platform. By deploying these, we are installing connected devices that live monitor occupancy of meeting rooms, hot desks and areas in buildings in order to drive building space optimisation. All of this allows building owners to make informed decisions on future space utilisation and office design. The real-time data availability can enable huge improvements to employees working in the building, reducing their time spent looking for an available hot desk or meeting room. Existing infrastructure (legacy BMS) can be fed into a platform with the latest wireless IOT devices, here the data can be presented and used in a manner that is intuitive and available to different users via different windows/access levels.
  • Finally, smart cleaning use targets the high costs related to cleaning. In combining multiple sensor provided data sources and feeds, in areas including occupancy, customer feedback, refuse bin levels etc., it’s possible to dramatically improve application and efficiency of cleaning services. This type of system can help reduce time wasted by avoiding the cleaning of areas that haven’t been used and therefore do not require it while, in contrast, highlighting areas requiring reactive cleaning issues in a timely manner; therefore, achieving SLA’s to cleaning issues and improving customer experience. Additionally, the data collected enables us to predict cleaning patterns and create flexible working practices, thus cleaning staff and services are optimised even across different sites.

Building Retrofit

  • We are currently connecting ‘closed protocol’ legacy building management systems through sensors and cloud services in order to provide an on-demand response aspect to equipment, this will provide energy and environmental data which improves occupant wellbeing and bring about significant cost savings. This is imperative in our journey to assist in the transformation of Manchester to a Smart City, where the focus is on connecting existing assets as opposed to breaking down and re-building as a smart city. We are building the foundations to enable the future technologies and Artificial Intelligence to help us analyse patterns and trends that assist in identifying critical areas where small changes can have a huge impact. We channel our experience of the building plant and OEM equipment to help utilise and design the technology of tomorrow, now.

Air Quality Monitoring

  • We are working to demonstrate how providing high quality air monitoring devices can deliver real-time data at a reasonable cost. This data can be combined to assist in the decision-making processes which have a lasting and positive impact on traffic, health and exercise as well as the environment. We have experience of real-world examples whereby connected buildings can provide information to town and traffic planners, who can then redirect traffic based on these sensors. They also utilise wind/temp weather forecast to make an informed decision

Next Generation Building Management System

  • By using the above with energy reporting and benchmarking tools, data storage becomes more important. Cloud based solutions (IOT) enables access to this information from various sources and provides an intuitive platform to manage the information. The truth is the next generation BMS is here now, and companies will quickly realise that every £ spent wisely on a well-designed intuitive system is money well spent!

Above are some examples of the real world changes we’ve made for our clients. Our experience shows us this is all achievable right now. If you have a portfolio of 5 buildings or more, there is real benefit for you to consider implementing the above. We can assist you in making your buildings smart, save you energy and enable you to make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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