Building Energy Management System and Lighting controls should always be interoperable and work together, by integrating the solution at the design stage the customer will benefit in many ways.

  • Reduce the cost of the systems installation through integrating technologies
  • Improved efficiencies in how the building operates by using demand based controls
  • Greater control of the building information
  • Having 80% of a buildings ongoing energy costs managed at a single source

Moving beyond this the smart building enables data sharing with 3rd party system by using open standards of communication. The key to the success of integrated systems is the effort made in the design and ensuring the benefits are realised during the implementation.

Our integration capabilities include:

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Metering


    With more manufacturers adopting industry standard open protocols like BACnet and Modbus integration of various building services systems including HVAC, Lighting, Fire, and Security are possible without having to rely on propriety 3rd party gateways which can be costly to install and maintain.

    Careful considerations at the design stage on product selection is key to ensure the system being proposed can be installed at a lower overall cost and provide real benefits to the client throughout the buildings lifecycle.