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Open Systems

Smart Controls Group deliver choice to our clients on the control systems they install within their buildings. We always advise our customers to adopt an open protocol platform that enables multi-vendor systems to work together and provides our customers with the tools to turn their buildings into Smart Buildings.

By utilising open protocol technologies, such as BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus and KNX we can interface various HVAC equipment, metering technologies and lighting control systems.

The information can then be used to determine how the building, its occupants and its energy consumption interact throughout the day. By taking this information into a Building Energy Management System the client can then focus on improving how the building operates, reducing operating costs whilst maintaining optimum conditions for their occupants.

As buildings become more connected information can be shared with external services providers collectively moving towards smart cities and a more sustainable environment for us all.


Building Energy Management System and Lighting controls should always be interoperable and work together.

With more manufacturers adopting industry standard open protocols like BACnet and Modbus integration of various building services systems including HVAC, Lighting, Fire, and Security this facilitates plant integration for truly smart building and cities, and allows for a tailored maintenance programme, machine level interrogation remotely and thus a more sustainable economically viable environment for all.

Our Values

• Putting our Customers first
• Working together, winning together
• Acting responsibly and with an open mind
• Maintain a high quality workforce through empowerment and development

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