Plant Refurbishment

We can provide refurbishment and upgrade of your current installed systems which will improve your energy savings without coming with a big investment price tag.

When it comes to solutions we can deliver not only Building Energy Management upgrades, but also through our network partners we can offer refurbishments on other core plant.

These include:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Air Conditioning
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Lighting

By considering a refurbishment and upgrade path, clients can spread the cost of plant replacement over a period, focus on important areas that will improve building operation, reduce occupant complaints, and reduce energy consumption.

Why should I upgrade or refurbish?

  • Investment Protection – extend lifetime of the plant
  • Reduce the energy, operating and maintenance costs
  • Spread the investment cost of modernization over several years
  • New Technology e.g. Access to new functionality
  • Avoid high repair costs and long down-times because of obsolete products
  • Guaranteed compatibility to next generation systems
  • Increased reliability

There is choice on how your Building Management System is upgraded, whether the choice is a one-off project or built across the period the building is maintained by us, our approach is flexible in how we work with our clients.


By refreshing technology one area at a time, the cost can be spread over time and the product removed can held back as replacements for any failures of equipment on areas that have not yet been updated. It is also recommended that the migration should not just be a like-for-like update and instead look for improvements in operation and energy saving. Lastly, it recommended that any migration should start at the top of the BMS system with the management station and then work down through the system to the floor components.