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Smart Controls Group brings specialists together to assist our clients in realising the potential savings in optimising their buildings performance. This starts by understanding how the buildings services are working and developing a plan to implement measures to improve performance.

Our offerings include:

• Energy audits and consultation

• Condition and dilapidation surveys of HVAC plant

• Lighting surveys

• BMS system surveys


We can provide refurbishment and upgrade of your current installed systems which will improve your energy savings.


We are passionate about maintenance because we are passionate about energy saving.

We will visit your site to undertake performance tests of the control equipment installed on your sites. We will optimise the performance of the controlled system with regards to comfort, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.

By understanding what attributes to a buildings energy spend decisions can be made into where best to place investment, whether this is through better maintenance practises, optimising plant operation around people occupancy profiles, or to investment in energy saving technologies. All these options can be considered.

Our Values

• Putting our Customers first
• Working together, winning together
• Acting responsibly and with an open mind
• Maintain a high quality workforce through empowerment and development

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