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The UK’s progression to its 2050 climate target

According to the CCC (Committee on Climate Change), Overall, UK emissions are down 43% compared to the 1990 baseline while the economy has grown significantly over the same period. However most of this is down to excellent progress in reducing emissions from electricity generation, while reductions in other sectors have stalled.

The UK’s 2050 target to reduce emissions by at least 80% from the levels of 1990 will require reducing domestic emissions by at least 3% per year, this will require existing progress to be supplemented by more challenging measures. The CCC have issued four messages to the government,

1. Support the simple, low-cost options

2. Commit to effective regulation and strict enforcement

3. End the chopping and changing of policy

4. Act now to keep long-term options open – but will their efforts be enough to reach the targets?

Link to progress report publication https://www.theccc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/CCC-2018-Progress-Report-to-Parliament.pdf

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